Team Leaflet

Indira Jaising


Indira Jaising is a noted human rights lawyer and a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India. Along with her husband and fellow Supreme Court senior advocate Anand Grover, Jaising founded the Lawyers’ Collective, a legal NGO that has been working since its inception in 1980 for the rights of the marginalised, particularly women, LGBTQ peoples, sex workers, and many more economically and socially disadvantaged groups.

Jaising has fought and won a number of landmark legal battles, particularly those dealing with Christian women’s right to inherit property, right of the mother as the natural gurdian in child custody cases, or having the Supreme Court strike down instant Triple Talaq as unconstitutional. Starting from the rights of pavement dwellers in the 1980s Bombay, to enshrining collective rights over environment in the famous Goa Foundation case, to fighting for justice and compensation for the victims and survivors of the Bhopal Gas disaster in December 1984, Jaising has traced a long and eventful journey and made her mark as an outspoken and intrepid legal interventionist, who is not afraid to call the spade a spade.

Anand Grover


Anand Grover is a designated Senior Advocate, practicing in the Supreme Court of India, the Director of the HIV/AIDS Unit of Lawyer’s Collective (India), and the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health (2008-2014). In his regular practice, Mr. Grover has argued several landmark cases in the field of public interest and human rights law, including mass eviction cases (Olga Tellis & Ors v. Bombay Municipal Council), environmental cases (the Bhopal Gas Disaster case), and LGBT rights (Naz Foundation case). Mr. Grover has also done innovative work in the field of patent law, opposing the grant of patents for essential life-saving drugs. He successfully argued the first constitutional challenge to Section 3(d) of the Patents Act, 1970 on behalf of the Cancer Patient Aid Association in Novartis v Union of India, the patent linkage case of Bayer v Union of India and successfully defended against a challenge to the compulsory license issued for the manufacture of an kidney-cancer drug in Bayer v. Natco. During his time as the UN Special Rapporteur he focused his reports to promote non-discrimination, empower vulnerable groups and ensure meaningful participation of affected communities.

Angshukanta Chakraborty


Angshukanta Chakraborty is a print journalist with a keen interest in the intersection between media, law and freedom of expression. Formerly the Political Editor at DailyO, she has written extensively on all matters politics, both national and international, as well as on various issues of human rights and democracy, particularly the challenges they face from the rise of illiberal democracies besotted with technology. Chakraborty is a postgraduate in English Literature from Hindu College, University of Delhi. She’s also the author of a novel — Brunching with Ophelia (2008).

Kritika Agarwal


Kritika is a journalist and is currently in law school. Prior to joining The Leaflet she worked as a film-maker, a video producer and a researcher with the Indian Express. She did her MA in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Her area of interest are politics, environment and land rights.

Shivangi Misra


Shivangi has worked as a legal officer at Lawyers Collective (LC) for two years and continues to be a regular contributor to The Leaflet. She joined LC to work with the Global Health and Human rights project, was a key part in establishing its first legal blog The Invisible Lawyer. and has worked on various rights-based advocacy and human rights campaigns taken up by the organisation. She was a student’s union leader in law school and her areas of interest are feminist legal theory, political thought, equality and anti-discrimination law.

Paras Nath Singh

Staff Contributor

Paras assists Senior Advocate Indira Jaising in the Supreme Court of India. He is a regular contributor to The Leaflet. At the age of 18, he filed his first case in Delhi high Court challenging a decision of the Central Information Commission wherein the Commission held that file noting by junior officers to superiors were third party information. Paras is passionate about utilizing Right to Information Act, 2005 as a tool to gain information in public interest. In the last seven years he has filed over 200 RTI applications.

Nehmat kaur

Staff Contributor

Nehmat Kaur is an advocate at the Chambers of Senior Advocate Ms. Indira Jaising. Prior to this, she has worked with Software Freedom Law Centre (, New Delhi on issues of online censorship, Aadhaar, and data protection. Her areas of interest include constitutional law, human rights, and the intersection of technology and civil liberties.

Aanchal Singh

Staff contributor

Aanchal is a Delhi based lawyer assisting Senior Advocate Indira Jaising. She works for the Women Rights Initiative of Lawyers Collective (LCWRI). As a member of LCWRI, she has worked extensively on issues related to women, including implementation of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013, other offences against women and their rights under different statutes. Known to her friends to be witty and out-spoken she contributes to the magazine on multiple issues opposing the deep-rooted patriarchy in everyday life.