Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 25,2018

Gobble D. Gook was very happy to see Manika Batra become the first Indian woman to win the gold medal in Table Tennis at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games in Australia.

But our Executive and Judiciary teams were not lagging too far behind in playing a similar ping pong game.
The recommendations for elevation of candidates to the SC and HCs gave a great impetus to this game..and the tossing of names back and forth began..
As the Super Captains of both teams share many traits,it promises to be a long drawn battle..however,there won’t be any gold medal.
Someone may end up holding just a wooden spoon!
One only hopes now that this game ends pretty soon..

Gook has penned this Lawmerick on this ongoing game of ping pong..

This elevation game has dragged on just too long
A good judge is being used like a ball in ping-pong

Because we haven’t understood
Government’s case for dead wood

-We can’t agree merit overtaking seniority is wrong..

-Raju Z Moray

For more of his writings, read the Court Jester! 

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