About Us

At a time when the biggest stories of the day are all coming from the court, there still remains a huge void as far as mainstreaming of legal opinion is concerned. While there’s an unparalleled attack on the very rule of law that’s shaking the foundations of our democratic republic, the law itself remains shrouded in mystery, cloaked in arcane jargons that are not accessible to the ordinary citizen. It’s exactly this lacuna that The Leaflet (www.theleaflet.in) — a platform for cutting-edge legal, political and constitutional opinion — intends to occupy.





Founded by eminent lawyers – senior advocates at the Supreme Court of India – Indira Jaising and Anand Grover, The Leaflet is “An Imprint of Lawyers Collective”, the legal NGO that the duo founded way back in 1980.Lawyers Collective has been known and respected for decades for its pioneering work in civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, laws and legislations against domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace, access to medicine, HIV/AIDS work, legal aid for sex workers, trade unions and workers’ rights, helping minority community women get property rights, and so much more.

The Leaflet will do in theory what Lawyers Collective has done in praxis.


The idea behind The Leaflet is something that is dear to Jaising and Grover. It’s a forum to shape legal and political opinion with the aim and objective of expanding the horizons of justice, democratic values and interrogating the very meaning of the “rule of law” and jurisprudence, currently under unprecedented assault from the powers that be. As Jaising says, law is like plasticine in our hands, and we must shape it to the benefit of the most vulnerable and marginalised.

As Justice Jasti Chelameswar said at the pre-launch of The Leaflet, “Democracy is strengthened by the bold and the vigilant”. And it’s this vigil on the rule of law that The Leaflet intends to foreground.

The Leaflet’s focus will not only be explaining the laws in their current form, but also legal and constitutional intervention through razor-sharp, humanistic, egalitarian and progressive opinion on how they should be.

Striving towards the ideal, expanding the scope and pushing the limits for inclusive and accessible justice for all, will be the chief goals of The Leaflet.


  • Using law as resistance against the assault on rule of law
  • Fighting to uphold constitutional morality
  • Reconnecting the Citizen and the Constitution

Watch Introducing The Leaflet – an eight-minute short film – to get a peek into what we are about and what we aim to do.